Frequently Asked Questions

Using a bidet is very simple once you get the hang of it. When you are ready to clean with a bidet attachment slowly increase the pressure using the adjustment dial until the nozzle extends and you feel the water spraying your bottom. Adjust the pressure until it is at a comfortable level. Move around to clean all desired areas. Once you are clean, you can dry yourself with some toilet paper or a dedicated towel.

All of our bidets come with a T-Valve that goes between the water supply hose and the toilet tank. The bidet uses the same fresh water that comes from your sink or shower!

After your bidet wash, you can either use some toilet paper or a dedicated towel to dry yourself. The A7 Aura and Discovery DLS Bidet Toilet Seats offer a built in warm air dryer to completely remove the need for any toilet paper!

The bidets offered at Bidet Pros are designed to fit most toilets.

If you are unsure about your toilet compatibility, please call 727-537-9066 to consult with one of our bidet experts.

Check out our Installation Help page to see what the installation process entails. It is very simple and can be done in less than 15 minutes.

You can always call 727-537-9066 if you ever need installation help!

Yes! Bidets have been used by women for hundreds of years and they can be especially useful during a menstrual cycle. Just as with toilet paper, it is important to spray from front to back. The great thing about water is it does a much better job of cleaning than dry paper!

Yes! All bidets we offer come with a one year warranty. Just reach out if you ever have any issues and we will walk you through the warranty claims process.

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