Super Easy Installation!

The Elite3 comes with all of the parts you need and detailed instructions to make install a breeze!

-Remove your existing toilet seat

-Shut off water supply valve and flush the toilet

-Unscrew the water supply hose from toilet tank

Click here to watch our Installation Video

-Screw the t-valve onto the toilet tank (make sure provided cone washer is narrow-side up)

-Re-attach the water supply hose to the bottom of the t-valve

-Attach the bidet hose to the middle of the t-valve

Click here to watch our Installation Video

-Center your bidet at the back of the bowl

-Align the mounting brackets over the bolt holes

-Re-mount your toilet seat and tighten the bolts to secure

Click here to watch our Installation Video

-Connect the metal bidet hose to the bidet

-Turn on the water and check for leaks

-You are ready to go!

Click here to watch our Installation Video

Common Elite3 Questions

How do I use a bidet?

So, you're ready to clean with the Elite3?

Slowly increase the pressure using the adjustment dial until the nozzle extends and you feel the water spraying your bottom.

Adjust the pressure until it is at a comfortable level. Move around to clean all desired areas.

Once you are clean, you can dry yourself with some toilet paper or a dedicated towel!

Where does the water come from?

The Elite3 come with a T-Valve that goes between the water supply hose and the toilet tank.

The bidet uses the same fresh water that comes from your sink or shower!

How do I dry off?

After your bidet wash, you can use a few squares of toilet paper to dry yourself.

You are using 80% less toilet paper compared to normal wiping!

Will the Elite3 fit my toilet?

The Elite3 is designed to fit most toilets, both round and elongated.

The control arm extends about 4 inches to the right side of the toilet.

If you are unsure about your toilet compatibility, please call 727-537-9066 to consult with one of our bidet experts.

Does the Elite3 use electricity?

Nope! The Elite3 uses the water pressure in your pipes to extend the nozzle and spray. No wires to mess with!

When can I expect my Elite3?

Orders are shipped out from our US-based warehouse within one day or ordering. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days via FedEx!